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Underwater archeology - Pantelleria

Cala Gadir in Pantelleria

Formerly Gadir was a very frequented port of call. That explains why in its seabed there are a of archaeological finds. A very large collection of Punic amphorae comes from there. In the same area archaeologists locates fragments of two wrecks dating back respectively to the end of the III-II century BC and to the II-I century BC.

An underwater archaeological tour was created to let divers to admire the ancient finds directly in situ, between a depth of 18 and 30 meters.

The port of Scauri in Pantelleria

The Port of Scauri, in the south-western part of the island, is a bay well protected from winds. There was find a wreck that sank towards the end of the V century AD. This very large area with a depth between 6 and 10 meters, is rich in ceramics, either in a good state of preservation or not, and different kind of everyday objects.


n the sea in front of the town of Arenella there are many ceramic finds and cylindrical amphorae belonging to the late-imperial age.

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