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Erice. Castello di Venere

The History - Erice
According to Thucydides, Erice was founded by some Trojans who took refuge there after their city was destroyed. This is the origin of the Elymians. Erice and Segesta were the more important Elymian cities. Afterwards Erice fell under the influence of the Carthaginians until it was destroyed during the first Punic war and the inhabitants moved to Drepanon (now Trapani).

During the war, general Hamilcar planned the fortification of the city. The walls were built according to the morphology of the montagna and using its stones so that the city seemed a natural continuation of the mountain.

The Romans conquered Erice in 248 BC and restored the temple that the Carthaginians dedicated to the goddess Astarte while they dedicated to Venus, to its former glory.

The fame of Venus Ericina grew so much that the Romans dedicated her another temple in Rome and his cult spreaded throughout the Mediterranean.
Mount Eryx was a reference point for sailors. Soon Venus became their protectress. At night the fire in the sacred area acted as a lighthouse for those who came from the sea.

Then the city followed the historic events of the island: it was dominated by the Bizantines, the Arabs and the Normans.
The famous Castle was built during the Norman rule while in the Middle Ages were built many churches and monasteries that still characterize the disposition of the city.

Erice. Castello di Venere Erice. Torri del Balio Erice. Torri del Balio
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